2019 Taiwan cluster mapping


其他題名:Taiwan cluster mapping

作者:by Chia-Ju Chen, Chun-Hao Yueh, and Ching-Hung Lin


出版社:Industry, Science and Technology International Strategy Center (ISTI), Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)

出版地:Chutung Town, Hsinchu County



分類:產業情報  英文書  


This book is comprised of two parts in terms of its content features:
The first part focuses on presenting the overview of basic environment and industry cluster in each county in Taiwan, and comparing each other in different aspects. Basic Environment includes the analysis of population, transportation, land use, public facilities and digital infrastructures Industrial Clusters includes the analysis of industry competitiveness and industry innovation. Industry Competitiveness describes the “existing energy” of the industries while Industry Innovation describes their “development potential in the future”. Assessment Indicators in this book are used in the United States and European Union, providing three main aspects and 42 indicators, including “Basic Environment”, “Industry Competitiveness”, and “Industry Innovation”. These allow readers to use as a reference for different purposes. A comprehensive assessment of the indicators is conducted at the end of the study to generalize the morphology of each city in Taiwan and the competitive advantages of its indistries.
Apart from the industry cluster, ISTI has a series of industry analyzing methods able to conduct a complete analysis targeting specific industries, including prediction of the industry production value, value estimation, location-allocation, and additional effects, and then compare it with other international industries. One of the most important industries in Taiwan, semiconductor industry, will be taken as an example in Part three to demonstrate the ISTI’s imminent researching methods and enable the readers to get to know the industry rapidly.

  • Introduction(p.3)
  • Part 2 : Key Industries and Applications in Taiwan(p.129)